Workshop Topics Include:

Stress Management for the Real World

Anger Management and How To Deal With Angry People

Effective Parenting and Managing Life Demands Without Losing Your Mind

Living with Teenagers

Strategies to Deal with Problem Behaviors in Children

Advocating Without Being An Adversary With Your Child’s School

Crisis Prevention and Management

Cultural Diversity:  Not Your Average Multicultural Lecture!

Depression and Anxiety:  Two Sides of the Same Coin

Child Abuse Prevention, Detection and Texas Family Code

Child Abuse and Effects on Children

(including Reactive Attachment Disorder)

Divorce: Facing Everybody Again--Including Yourself

Listening and Communication

Grief and Loss: Coping At Home, At Work, and In the Community

Suicide Grief and Loss

Release of Information

 How you allow Melanie to communicate with other     professionals about you

HIPAA and Privacy

A Summary FYI

Seminar Topics

 Workshops about mental health topics   tailored to your team's exact needs.   Send a message to me to ask for topics   you would like to see!  

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